Institutional and individual memberships are available for the:

Institutional Consortia Memberships

Institutions may join at the following levels, and discounts are available to open-source and other qualifying organizations:

Consortia DiscountYesYesYesYes
Sponsor LogoYesYesYesYes
Advance Security NotificationsYesYesYesYes
Compliance Logo ProgramDiscountDiscountDiscountYes
Feature Priority PlanningYesYesYes
Priority BugfixesYesYesYes
Front Page Recognition on NTF WebsiteYesYesYes*Yes*
Advance Security PatchesYesYes
Discounted DevelopmentYes+Yes+
Discounted Technical SupportYes+Yes+
Support for older stable releasesOption+Option+
Product Advisory Board SeatOption
Member Contacts8632

* Limited-time offer for inaugural members.

+ Premier & Partner-discounted benefit.

Individual Consortium Memberships

Individuals may join as either an annual Supporter (all NTF Projects) or Friend (for a specific project):

BenefitsSupporter ($250)Friend ($125-$249)
Sponsor LogoYesYes
IRC cloak nameYesYes
Issue PollsYesYes

Consortia Discount

Get a discount on the membership dues for each additional membership in other NTF Consortia.

Show you are a sponsor – you may link back to a page listing our Sponsors to show others you are supporting Network Time Foundation and its projects.

Advance Security Notifications

Get advanced notification of any security vulnerability notifications.

Compliance Logo Program

We’re developing a general certification and compliance testing program. Discounts for this program are offered to Premier, Partner, and Contributor Members. (S)NTP implementations can be tested for:

Reference clocks can be tested for:

LinuxPTP implementations can be tested for:

Successful completion of this program allows participants to use both a web-logo and a logo/emblem on their products.

Feature Priority Planning

Participate in the discussion of the priority of new product features.

Priority Bug Fixes

Get priority consideration of your bug reports in the absence of security bugs or other bugs of critical nature (as determined by the Project’s Release Engineer).

Front Page Recognition on NTF’s Website

Have your company logo and link featured prominently on the front page of the NTF website.

Advance Security Patches

Premier and Partner Members get early access to security patches.

Discounted Development

Premier and Partner Members are entitled to discounted custom (bespoke) development services.

Discounted Technical Support

Get a discount on a general technical support contract. Phone support is available on either a 9-5 Mon-Fri basis (US Eastern Time, excluding holidays), or on a 7×24 basis.

Get support for older releases

This is an extra-cost option. For NTP, for example, if there are patches that are important to you that have been applied to -dev that have not been applied to the version of -stable you require, these patches will be applied and supported for you.

Seat on the Product Advisory Board

Premier Members may obtain a seat on a Product’s Advisory Board at an extra cost.

Member Contacts

Member contacts receive a site login and email notifications sent to designated contacts.

IRC Cloak Name

Members may request an NTF Project Cloak IRC nickname on the Libera IRC Network.

Issue Polls

Consortium members have effective input into any decisions put to the membership – we value your opinions and contributions!


Get a Network Time Foundation t-shirt. This and other merchandise is available for purchase at NTF’s Company Store.