Network Time Foundation maintains a vast amount of freely available resources spanning over 30 years from the initial design documents for NTP to the present day discussions and documentation for NTF’s supported projects.

Professional Support

Professional support, including implementation and deployment consulting, support for older NTP stable releases, NTP infrastructure design/analysis/review, timekeeping requirements analysis, and leap second preparedness, is available.

Network Time Foundation’s support service pricing is based on installation size. If contacting NTF regarding support pricing, please indicate the existing/planned number of devices that depend on time.

Software Support Service Subscriptions
  • Advance Security Notifications
  • Advance Security Patch Access

Development Input

  • Feature Priority Planning
  • Priority Bugfixes

Consulting Services
  • Software Development
  • Technical Support
  • ntp.conf file design/analysis/review
  • Event Speaking/Presentations
  • Training: