Dave Hart

Dave Hart joined the Network TIme Protocol Project in 2008 after rewriting the Windows interpolation layer that synthesizes a higher-resolution clock from the 64 Hz/100 Hz stepping clock exposed by Windows pre-Vista. This improved precision from 1 ms to 10s of microseconds. Dave has also made significant improvements in NTP’s IPv6 network code, and now is a ntpd maintainer, enhancer, and bug fixer for Windows and POSIX ntpd. Before volunteering on the NTP Project, Dave spent 1991-1998 at Microsoft as a developer working on the Windows NT team in the Security group and the WoW32 (Windows on Windows) group. The WOW group provided emulation facilities for 16-bit Windows 3.1 and DOS programs running on 32-bit NT on x86, MIPS, PPC, and Alpha processors. The same type of approach is used by Windows today to run 32-bit x86 Windows programs on Arm64 and x64_64 processors, where it is known as WoW64.