New libptpmgmt library for communicating with IEEE 1558 PTP clocks

January 12, 2023 by Dru Lavigne

Erez Geva recently released version 1.0 of the libptpmgmt library. This PTP management client library uses IEEE 1558 management messages to communicate with PTP entities over the network. It supports get, set, and command of all management TLVs that are described in IEEE 1588-2019. In addition, the library supports LinuxPTP specific implementation management TLVs.

The library is written in C++ using a data-oriented model and supports native scripting using SWIG wrappers for Python, ruby, Lua, Perl, PHP, and TCL. libptpmgmt is published under the LGPL 3.0 license.

You can learn more about this library and browse its source code on github.

You can download the 1.0 release and read the release notes here.

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