NTF Second Half 2022 Accomplishments

January 11, 2023 by David Barry

The final six months of 2022 were filled with events and accomplishments for Network Time Foundation. We continued making great progress on our data center and web property upgrades, receiving awards, and growing the internet time synchronization community.

The expanding list of accomplishments includes:

  • Awarded ARIN Grant
  • LinuxPTP 3.1.1 released which addresses two security vulnerabilities
  • Published 2021 990
  • Gave a presentation at Healthcare and Public Health Sector Fall Meeting
  • Deployed several email campaigns to reach out to former members, donors, and wiki users
  • Gave Keynote Speech at NANOG86
  • LinuxPTP Enhancement Consulting Contract
  • Upgraded support.ntp.org
  • Article published in New Yorker
  • Met Oregon State Representative Pam Marsh to discuss NTF/Critical Internet infrastructure
  • Financial Review Completed

Institutional members renewing their annual commitment to NTF include:

  • Orolia
  • EndRun
  • Meinberg

Staff additions include:

  • Dave Hart - Volunteer

2023 is starting off with a number of new initiatives and projects already underway. It will be another exciting year for the foundation, and it wouldn’t be happening without the continuous support of all of our institutional members and individual contributors.

Thank you.

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